Donuts with Deputies @ Fair Oaks School

Event Date: 
Mar, 2016-09-06

In Septembre of 2016 please join us for a conversation between parents at Fair Oaks School and deputies from CARON and the School Resource Unit. Donuts with Deputies creates an atmosphere that facilitates communication by breaking down the traditional barriers that so often exist between officers and the citizen’s that we serve.

Donuts with Deputies provides a relaxed, neutral atmosphere with no speeches, no agenda and no preset subjects. It allows parents to discuss whatever concerns are important to them. The conversation is intimate and personal.

Donuts with Deputies provides a “face” for both the officer and the parents to get to know each other and form a working trust by understanding the mutual goals they both have, a better community. Donuts with Deputies provides “distraction free” time with an officer, no pending radio calls or cell phones going off, just good communication.